Monday, July 25, 2011


The zombie shuffled around inside the cave, occasionally letting out a groan. It didn’t know much, but it knew that there was something on the other side of his cave wall, burrowing closer and closer to its home. There was a cracking sound as the first blocks of stone cascaded from the wall, breaking into gravel against the floor. The zombie readied itself for a fight, stretching its arms out wide to meet the incoming attacker. The last block of stone fell, and a beam of light fell into the cave. The zombie charged forwards, ready to claw the intruder to death. It saw the silhouette of a sword coming down and- nothing.


Steve pulled the sword from the dead zombie as it evaporated into smoke, leaving behind a single feather. He picked it off the rough stone floor, then observed his surroundings. A small vein of coal to his left, a single block of iron ore embedded into the floor, and a pool of stagnant water straight ahead. He heard more moans and clacking noises the deeper he went into the cave, leaving behind a trail of torches on his right. Steve turned around at about midway through the cave, deciding that he should return to the surface before nightfall. He rose out of the cave at around 7:00 at night, and jogged off towards his house.


Steve pondered as he jogged. After he had discovered TNT, things on this island had gone VERY uphill for him. The first block of TNT he exploded opened up a cave that led straight down, and was saturated with crumbling iron ore. With this ore he quickly got the hang of blacksmithing, and had made tools and armor with the smelted ingots. Unfortunately, the second block of TNT had destroyed his house and badly injured him. And TNT blocks 3 through 25 had blown a crater so large in a mountainside, lava came pouring out as if it was a volcano, rendering a small area inhospitable. Steve’s new house was a 10 meter tall cobblestone tower, with a stone roof and a brick foundation. On the inside, Steve had placed blocks of wool down on the floor to make a rough carpet, and his workstation was off in the corner. The workstation consisted of a workbench, two furnaces, and a large chest containing everything from plant seeds to a glowing red powder he had discovered while poking around in a cave. Large panes of glass were inlayed throughout the tower, providing natural light along with the torches hanging in wooden brackets along the walls. A ladder made of thick sticks ran up the side of the wall, leading to a second level that contained his bedroom and a bathtub made of stone. All in all, this was a very good setup, but Steve felt very alone. But that was about to change. As Steve jogged towards his front door, a rustling in the bushes to his right made him draw the iron sword he always carried around. A hint of blue light flashed from the bushes, suggesting that someone wearing blue clothes was crouching there.
“Alright, I know your there!” cried Steve as he poked his sword into the bushes.
“No, you don’t!” came the muffled reply.
At this Steve was convinced that someone was in that bush. “Get your butt out here!” Steve yelled, thrusting his sword a little farther into the shrubs. A muffled grunt came from it, and a figure wearing glowing blue armor burst from it. It had drawn a sword made of the same glowing blue material, and was twirling it around in his hands. Steve gaped at the newcomer.
“Yes, it is solid diamond. You act like you’re so surprised. I suppose you thought you were the only one on this island, hmm? You were wrong. Stop gaping for Pete’s sake, or bugs will fly in there.”

Steve dropped to the ground in a dead faint.