Monday, July 25, 2011


The zombie shuffled around inside the cave, occasionally letting out a groan. It didn’t know much, but it knew that there was something on the other side of his cave wall, burrowing closer and closer to its home. There was a cracking sound as the first blocks of stone cascaded from the wall, breaking into gravel against the floor. The zombie readied itself for a fight, stretching its arms out wide to meet the incoming attacker. The last block of stone fell, and a beam of light fell into the cave. The zombie charged forwards, ready to claw the intruder to death. It saw the silhouette of a sword coming down and- nothing.


Steve pulled the sword from the dead zombie as it evaporated into smoke, leaving behind a single feather. He picked it off the rough stone floor, then observed his surroundings. A small vein of coal to his left, a single block of iron ore embedded into the floor, and a pool of stagnant water straight ahead. He heard more moans and clacking noises the deeper he went into the cave, leaving behind a trail of torches on his right. Steve turned around at about midway through the cave, deciding that he should return to the surface before nightfall. He rose out of the cave at around 7:00 at night, and jogged off towards his house.


Steve pondered as he jogged. After he had discovered TNT, things on this island had gone VERY uphill for him. The first block of TNT he exploded opened up a cave that led straight down, and was saturated with crumbling iron ore. With this ore he quickly got the hang of blacksmithing, and had made tools and armor with the smelted ingots. Unfortunately, the second block of TNT had destroyed his house and badly injured him. And TNT blocks 3 through 25 had blown a crater so large in a mountainside, lava came pouring out as if it was a volcano, rendering a small area inhospitable. Steve’s new house was a 10 meter tall cobblestone tower, with a stone roof and a brick foundation. On the inside, Steve had placed blocks of wool down on the floor to make a rough carpet, and his workstation was off in the corner. The workstation consisted of a workbench, two furnaces, and a large chest containing everything from plant seeds to a glowing red powder he had discovered while poking around in a cave. Large panes of glass were inlayed throughout the tower, providing natural light along with the torches hanging in wooden brackets along the walls. A ladder made of thick sticks ran up the side of the wall, leading to a second level that contained his bedroom and a bathtub made of stone. All in all, this was a very good setup, but Steve felt very alone. But that was about to change. As Steve jogged towards his front door, a rustling in the bushes to his right made him draw the iron sword he always carried around. A hint of blue light flashed from the bushes, suggesting that someone wearing blue clothes was crouching there.
“Alright, I know your there!” cried Steve as he poked his sword into the bushes.
“No, you don’t!” came the muffled reply.
At this Steve was convinced that someone was in that bush. “Get your butt out here!” Steve yelled, thrusting his sword a little farther into the shrubs. A muffled grunt came from it, and a figure wearing glowing blue armor burst from it. It had drawn a sword made of the same glowing blue material, and was twirling it around in his hands. Steve gaped at the newcomer.
“Yes, it is solid diamond. You act like you’re so surprised. I suppose you thought you were the only one on this island, hmm? You were wrong. Stop gaping for Pete’s sake, or bugs will fly in there.”

Steve dropped to the ground in a dead faint.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mob fights part 2

Steve felt the sensation of being weightless for a few moments as he hurled upward through the sky. He tried to blink, but the effort was beyond him and his eyes stayed open. Then he felt like he was being hurled down towards the earth, gradually picking up speed. He felt like he was going to break in half from all the stress, then: WHUMP. Steve hit the cold sand of a beach. The first thing he felt after this was a pulsing pain in his stomach, shoulder, and chest. He vaguely remembered being shot multiple times in those places by a skeleton riding a spider, but decided that had been a dream. He got up on his knees, pushing his body off of the sand. Steve looked at they sky and saw that it was around…2’o clock in the morning? He squinted, looking into the darkness, and seeing shapes coming towards him. There was a skeleton, brandishing a bow, and two of the exploding reptiles that Steve feared. There was also a humanoid creature, with green skin and tattered clothes. Steve decided that all of these things were hostile, and began jogging away from them. As he ran out onto the open plain, legs burning from the run, more of the green humanoids joined the group chasing him. The skeleton nocked an arrow, and, taking precise aim, released its bony fingers. There was a whizzing sound as it flew right by Steve’s head and embedded itself in the ground. Steve saw his house and ran in the front door, slamming it shut behind him and bracing it with a cube of dirt. He saw all of his stuff on the floor and picked it up, still breathing hard from the exhilaration. He picked the stone sword he made earlier and swung it around, slamming open the front door and charging out to meet the incoming force.


Steve caught the last zombie with a sword to the head. It moaned and burst into smoke, dropping two feathers. He picked them up, stashing them in his backpack. His stone sword was beginning to crumble around the edges, and every hit made it break more. He heard a hissing behind him, and swiped viciously with his sword, catching the creeper (Steve coined the word after he noticed that they made no noise whatsoever, except hissing) with the tip of his blade. It to burst into a cloud of smoke, dropping a gray powder. He still didn’t know what that was, but he knew it had to be explosive. It was sunrise now, and he walked back to his house. As Steve passed over a sandy patch of land, backpack jostling against his shoulders, half of the gray powder he was carrying dropped out of his hands. He grunted as he bent down, hands searching through the sand, mixing it together. Steve decided that the powder was lost, which was a shame since he had lost five pieces of it. As he put his foot down on the sand and: FWOOM. Steve was blasted backwards, landing against a tree trunk. He looked back at the sandy patch, and saw that it had been blown to bits by some sort of explosion. Then it struck him. The gray powder was a crude form of gunpowder, and in this world it reacted with sand in a 5:4 ratio. This formed an explosive mixture that reacted to contact. Steve jogged back to his house, stopping by another sandy patch to pick up four pieces of sand. He put his other pieces of gunpowder on the bench, mixing it with the sand in the same 5:4 ratio and forming it into a cube. A red skin rippled over the sandy gray cube, binding it together. Steve noticed the label on the skin: Trinitrotoluene: execute extreme caution when using. “TNT, huh?” muttered Steve as he picked up the cube with a grin.
“Time for science!”

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mob fights part 1

Steve sprung to his feet, ready for a day of hard work and sweat. He almost skipped as he walked out of his rough cave, loving every second of this day. The sun was lazily arcing over the sky, passing behind clouds as it rose. Steve walked back into his cave to begin crafting a new tool. He focused on his backpack and a block of rough stone sprung into his hand. He put that on his bench. He focused again and two more blocks popped out onto the bench. He remembered that he had some sticks in his pack, and put them out on his bench with some rough string he had found outside. And he began to craft. He took the sticks and laid them out, two down on his bench. Then he took one of his blocks of cobblestone out and attached it with string to the top of his shaft. Then Steve took his two other blocks of stone out and bound them to the first stone blocks, effectively making an axe. He took a few experimental swings of the axe, testing its balance, and then jogged outside to a nearby tree. He whirled the axe once then slammed it down onto the smooth bark, causing cracks to emanate from the impact point. A few more strikes later he had a block of log in his hands. He continued to go to work on the rest of the tree, and had five fresh blocks of log in his hands. They got sucked into his backpack, and Steve moved on to another tree. In a few hours, he had 17 blocks of log, which he converted to 68 blocks of wood. Steve noticed that the blocks only stacked up to 64 blocks high in his backpack. He moved over to the mouth of his cave and mined some cobblestone for a foundation. Then he went to work, digging a flat, 5x5 slab out of the dirt. He then filled in the slab with cobblestone to make a crude floor. Steve built up another layer of cobblestone, and then began to make the walls out of wood. His finished house was 5 blocks tall, 5 blocks wide, and four blocks tall with a cobblestone roof. He crafted a door out of 6 blocks of wood, and put torches inside his house to light it up. As Steve stepped back to admire his handiwork, a casual thought passed into his mind.Is my house waterproof? he thought as a crack of distant thunder passed over him. And it began to rain torrentially. He grimaced and ran inside his house as he got soaked to the bone. Once inside his house he let out a pent-up breath. There were no leaks of any kind in the ceiling, not even on the seams. He could feel that it was late in the night and he was tired, so he laid down on the floor and went to sleep.


Steve woke in the middle of the night to a scrambling noise at his door. He was instantly awake and ready to fight, his hand resting on the hilt of the stone sword he had made earlier. He picked up the weapon, swirling it in his hands once or twice, and kicked open his front door. And ran straight into an arrow. The black feathered projectile caught him square in the shoulder and went through, embedding itself into the wall of his shelter. Steve dropped to his knees in pain, and looked up at the attacker. It was a skeleton. All of the flesh seemed to have been peeled off long ago, leaving only sentient bones. And to top off all of this, the skeleton was sitting on a spider the size of a bicycle. The skeleton aimed another shot, which whistled into Steve’s stomach. The spider leapt forward, acidic spit dripping from inch-long fangs, and propelled Steve across his house. He landed with a painful cracking sound, and blacked out as another shot flew at his heart.
And Steve simply…died.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My lovely rural house.

This is my house! and yes, that is a tree on the roof :D

After you walk inside the front door, you're inside my crafting room. This was the first room of my house before i decided to expand it. The chest holds my immense horde of diamonds, and the furnace has a lot of iron in it. I'm a happy miser.

This room used to be my living room, but a recent renovation made it an empty room. But i have secret evil plans for it. Note: the door on the extreme left of the picture used to be the door to the library, but the same renovation cleared it out so it's just an empty room. I didn't really need to include it.

This is my indoor greenhouse, with a wheat farm and a flower patch. The brown thing with the black slot in it is a jukebox, because everyone knows plants grow better with music. The greenhouse also houses my wolves, who are named(left to right) Steve, Notch, and Herobrine.

Simple bedroom, with a chest full of goodies.

My patio! You can see my tree in the top right corner. My patio also used to have a chair on it so you could look at the sunset. Very pretty.

Finally my backyard fountain. That glowy stuff on the top is glowstone, which is relatively hard to come by. Seeing as it is found in an ALTERNATE DIMENSION! Mwahahahaha...

hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

>:D die pig die!

Steve blinked his eyes, and all he saw was blackness. His last memory was jumping off the hill as the cow watched him fall, then the sound of his bones breaking and then: nothing. But slowly he began to come to, rubbing his eyes and rolling over on the warm, dry sand. When he finally had the strength to open his eyes, he saw the sun arcing behind some puffy white clouds. He guessed that it was around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, judging by the position of the sun in the sky. Steve slowly stood up, taking into account the stabbing hunger in his stomach. He noticed that he was standing on the same exact piece of land that he had come to this island on. Steve grumbled about how hungry he was, then shuffled over to the hill that he had fallen off of. There was still a cow bouncing along on top of it, looking completely content as it ate grass and mooed happily. Steve gave an evil grin as he moved towards the cow, which looked at him with its innocent brown eyes. Steve simply didn’t care. He willed the defense stick to appear in his hand, but nothing happened. He willed it to appear again, but there was no popping noise and no stick. He grumbled at the cow and moved off down the hill, and, surprise! All of the planks he had made, his defense stick, even the crude bench were clustered in a pile at the bottom of the hill. He picked up all of the planks, which made a popping noise as they were sucked into his backpack. Then Steve set off to find some food.


Steve let out a battle cry as he charged across a grassy plain at one of the pigs that was bouncing across the flat stretch of land. Steve had spent the good part of 3 hours chasing this one pig all over the plain, trying to thrust the stick into its heart. Steve had already managed to stick it in the butt of the pig twice while it ran away, but nothing vital. Steve held his stick at the ready as he crouched behind a stack of boulders, waiting for the little- there it was! Steve burst out from behind the rocks and thrust the pointed stick right into the pig’s heart. The pig let out an oink of despair, then- burst into flames?! A piece of meat came away from the pig as it dissolved into smoke as Steve stared at it. Steve bent down to pick up the cut of meat, really wishing it was cooked, and bit it. And almost immediately spit it out. Steve really appreciated the modern convenience of ovens. Steve decided that he could not eat like this, and set about making a new digging tool out of planks. When he was finished crafting it, he walked over to the outcropping he had hid behind when he jumped the pig, and started mining large chips of stone out of the projection. Within a few minutes he had 8 blocks of cracked stone. Steve proceeded to shape these blocks into a rough hollow cube with a grate dividing it in half, the top side for the food and the bottom side for the fuel. He put his piece of pork in the top half, threw a couple pieces of coal in the bottom side, then facepalmed. He didn’t have any means of lighting the fuel. But to his surprise, the coal magically ignited and began to brown the pork chop. After a few seconds, he had a very delicious meal of cooked pork. He dug into it with his hands, savoring every bite. When he was done, he absentmindedly gazed at the sky. And facepalmed. It was almost dark, and Steve had no means to protect himself since his defense stick was almost broken, and no where to stay. He decided to dig a small cave in the side of a hill for the night. He took his bench inside, deciding that some light would be necessary. He took a piece of coal and split it in quarters with his pick, then took four sticks and bound the coal to the sticks with vegetation. As Steve had predicted, the coal lit after he had finished the crude torches. He picked one out of his backpack, intending to place it on the wall, but he realized with despair that it had no bracket. Well, apparently physics didn’t apply in this world, because the torch stuck on the wall like it had crazy glue on it. Steve was once again astounded by the simplicity of all this, and went about placing torches along the walls of his cave. He used his hands to clear some dirt away from the floor, and it came of in a cube. He placed this cube in the entrance of the cave, to keep more of the exploding reptiles away from him. As Steve slowly sank into a deep sleep on the floor of his cave, he kept thinking: tomorrow I’m going to make a shelter!

Next post: I show blogland pictures of my house!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

creeper fight :O (and fanfic 2)

The beast heard the newcomer walk into his cave. This got the beast angry; the cave contained the beast’s recent kills and catches. While it’s was out at night scrounging around for beached fish, the beast had seen the newcomer walk out of the cave, and, with a mutter, walk back in. this got the beast angry. Why does it pay so much attention to my cave? Thought the beast, as it hobbled over to the entrance. Does it want to steal my food? This thought got the beast incredibly angry, and it dove into the cave to protect its precious food. As it passed by an ancient vein of coal, it saw the newcomer strike the pile of coal with a digging tool. The beast slowly crept up behind the invader, raising its head to bite a vital spot behind its neck, but: the newcomer spun. And the beast saw the invaders eyes widen with fear.


Steve screamed at the top of his lungs, and despite being in this situation was suddenly intensely embarrassed for screaming so loud. He just managed to drop to his knees and roll as the beast’s mouth darted forward and took a huge bite of coal ore from the cavern wall. The creature attacking him was a good 2 meters tall, with reptilian skin and four stubby legs. It walked upright, but had no arms. A dense gray cloud of smoke followed it around. The creature let out an almost inaudible hissing sound, the darted, cobra quick, towards Steve again. Steve remembered the defense stick in his pack, but he couldn’t reach it in time. Then to his surprise, it popped into his hand. That was all he needed. He thrust the stick right into the barreling creature’s mouth with a roar, then pulled it out and circled the wounded beast. Thick, green, luminous blood dripped from the stick, splashing onto the dark cavern floor with a sizzling sound. Steve charged the beast again, ready to thrust his stick into the creature’s heart for the final blow. But as he charged closer, he saw smoke oozing from the creatures small, toothy mouth, and realized that this attack was a total mistake. Steve saw the creature’s bone structure as it glowed bright green, and with a final guttural hiss, exploded into a million fragments of bone, hardened skin, and green fire. Steve was hurled back through the caverns mouth, flipping end over end as green fire burned his clothes and scorched his skin. He landed painfully against a tree trunk, just as he saw the sun rising off in the east and tiny puffballs of fire dotting the landscape. Fire? Steve thought as he slipped of into darkness.


When Steve woke up again, he had an incredible hunger in the pit of his stomach. Strange. Thought Steve as he rolled over onto his back. I haven’t been hungry at all since I arrived at this island, but why now? He slowly got up, thinking about what to eat. He remembered arriving on this island and seeing puffy white sheep dotting the landscape. He also remembered seeing pigs roaming around, splashing into ponds and eating grass. Those would make a delicious meal Thought Steve as he climbed a hill looking over the grassy plains that held sheep and pigs. But while he was looking out over the field, he didn’t sense the presence creeping up behind him. The mystery creature slowly opened its mouth and: MOO! Steve crapped in his pants as he leapt off the cliff, figuring that it would be safer that way. As he fell, he saw an innocent brown face looking down at him and mooing. Then all he saw was blackness as he hit the cold, hard ground.

Monday, May 16, 2011

YAY :D My first fanfic.

The first thing Steve tasted when he woke up was sand. The next thing he felt was the crushing sense of being alone and hopeless. He slowly rose to his feet, spitting sand out of his mouth and taking in the surroundings of his new home. In the east, he saw a small herd of sheep bouncing through the rolling hills. He climbed up a small hill for a better view, and his eyes rested upon the ocean and the ruined boat that had brought him to this odd continent. He saw a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye, and whipped his head around to see it better. It was a pack of wolves. Steve mumbled something about his dog at home as the wolves moved away. Then it struck him. Those wolves looked……blocky. The small hill he was on looked blocky. Even he looked blocky, as he looked into a small pool of water. That was too much for him. He slowly sank to the ground as tunnel vision consumed him.


The beast watched the newcomer sink to the ground. From its treetop perch, the beast had noticed even minute detail of the newcomer’s arrival, how it slowly took in its surroundings, how it had seen the pack of hungry wolves approaching, and how it had dropped soundlessly to the ground. The beast considered moving down from the tree where it crouched, but then decided against it. Much better to wait until it was alive to kill it, thought the beast, as it slowly crawled to the cave where it lived.


Steve woke with a start. His hand instantly sprung to his face, and he felt the blocky, angular features. On a hunch, remembering a game he had a played back in the day, he walked over to a tree near the hill. He slowly brought a fist up, and with a wince, brought it down upon the smooth trunk. There was no pain in his fist as a crack appeared on the bark. He curiously poked his hand to feel for damage. There was none. He continued to strike the tree with his fist, and about five seconds later, it burst open with a spray of wood chips. And, more importantly, a cube of wood fell from the trunk. Steve smiled, and moved to work on the rest of the tree. In a minute or so he had handfuls of wood cubes and a giddy smile. The smile slowly faded as he realized that he had no place to put them. Then a popping sound resonated through his core as the first cube was sucked into the backpack he had on his back. The next cubes followed closely, with the same popping sound. A smile played across Steve’s face. He only thought one thing next: survive. Soon afterwards he had a small bench that was quite useful for making planks out of the cubes he had gathered from the tree, a pointed stick for defense, and a crude pickax made from planks and bound with vegetation. Then, following another hunch, walked into a small cave nearby. An hour and mining later, he stepped out of the cool dark cave into the night. At the sight of the rising moon, he pursed his lips in annoyance and walked back into the cave. Better to wait until morning he thought as he ventured deeper. There could be wild animals out there. His eyes found a delightfully large vein of coal, and, with a huff of exertion, brought his pick down on a particularly large piece. Crack. The sound of his pick breaking jarred him back into reality. As he cursed under his breath, he didn’t hear the hissing emanating from a small side cavern. But as he turned around to head back to the surface, his eyes widened with fear. And all he saw after that was a toothed maw descending towards him.

P.S If you don't know what Minecraft is, 1) I must not be seen in public with you, and 2)