Monday, May 23, 2011

Mob fights part 1

Steve sprung to his feet, ready for a day of hard work and sweat. He almost skipped as he walked out of his rough cave, loving every second of this day. The sun was lazily arcing over the sky, passing behind clouds as it rose. Steve walked back into his cave to begin crafting a new tool. He focused on his backpack and a block of rough stone sprung into his hand. He put that on his bench. He focused again and two more blocks popped out onto the bench. He remembered that he had some sticks in his pack, and put them out on his bench with some rough string he had found outside. And he began to craft. He took the sticks and laid them out, two down on his bench. Then he took one of his blocks of cobblestone out and attached it with string to the top of his shaft. Then Steve took his two other blocks of stone out and bound them to the first stone blocks, effectively making an axe. He took a few experimental swings of the axe, testing its balance, and then jogged outside to a nearby tree. He whirled the axe once then slammed it down onto the smooth bark, causing cracks to emanate from the impact point. A few more strikes later he had a block of log in his hands. He continued to go to work on the rest of the tree, and had five fresh blocks of log in his hands. They got sucked into his backpack, and Steve moved on to another tree. In a few hours, he had 17 blocks of log, which he converted to 68 blocks of wood. Steve noticed that the blocks only stacked up to 64 blocks high in his backpack. He moved over to the mouth of his cave and mined some cobblestone for a foundation. Then he went to work, digging a flat, 5x5 slab out of the dirt. He then filled in the slab with cobblestone to make a crude floor. Steve built up another layer of cobblestone, and then began to make the walls out of wood. His finished house was 5 blocks tall, 5 blocks wide, and four blocks tall with a cobblestone roof. He crafted a door out of 6 blocks of wood, and put torches inside his house to light it up. As Steve stepped back to admire his handiwork, a casual thought passed into his mind.Is my house waterproof? he thought as a crack of distant thunder passed over him. And it began to rain torrentially. He grimaced and ran inside his house as he got soaked to the bone. Once inside his house he let out a pent-up breath. There were no leaks of any kind in the ceiling, not even on the seams. He could feel that it was late in the night and he was tired, so he laid down on the floor and went to sleep.


Steve woke in the middle of the night to a scrambling noise at his door. He was instantly awake and ready to fight, his hand resting on the hilt of the stone sword he had made earlier. He picked up the weapon, swirling it in his hands once or twice, and kicked open his front door. And ran straight into an arrow. The black feathered projectile caught him square in the shoulder and went through, embedding itself into the wall of his shelter. Steve dropped to his knees in pain, and looked up at the attacker. It was a skeleton. All of the flesh seemed to have been peeled off long ago, leaving only sentient bones. And to top off all of this, the skeleton was sitting on a spider the size of a bicycle. The skeleton aimed another shot, which whistled into Steve’s stomach. The spider leapt forward, acidic spit dripping from inch-long fangs, and propelled Steve across his house. He landed with a painful cracking sound, and blacked out as another shot flew at his heart.
And Steve simply…died.


  1. I'm sorry HAlo. But I can't follow your blog at this time.
    You are a friend and Lizzy was generous to do as you had asked her to tell me about your blog. So I followed for a bit. But I cannot do so anymore after hearing that you told on Lizzy for being on chat. The same chat YOU used and wanted your blog to be followed on.
    I hope things clear up between you and Lizzy soon.

  2. Wow, I didn't know you felt that way :( I'm sorry i made you sad.

  3. O.O Steve died?
    He can't die!
    What's... I mean... what's gonna happen?

  4. LOL Skyril, he has already died. an excerpt:

    As he fell, he saw an innocent brown face looking down at him and mooing. Then all he saw was blackness as he hit the cold, hard ground.

    from part two,he died then respawned. Cause that's how Minecraft rolls......