Thursday, May 19, 2011

My lovely rural house.

This is my house! and yes, that is a tree on the roof :D

After you walk inside the front door, you're inside my crafting room. This was the first room of my house before i decided to expand it. The chest holds my immense horde of diamonds, and the furnace has a lot of iron in it. I'm a happy miser.

This room used to be my living room, but a recent renovation made it an empty room. But i have secret evil plans for it. Note: the door on the extreme left of the picture used to be the door to the library, but the same renovation cleared it out so it's just an empty room. I didn't really need to include it.

This is my indoor greenhouse, with a wheat farm and a flower patch. The brown thing with the black slot in it is a jukebox, because everyone knows plants grow better with music. The greenhouse also houses my wolves, who are named(left to right) Steve, Notch, and Herobrine.

Simple bedroom, with a chest full of goodies.

My patio! You can see my tree in the top right corner. My patio also used to have a chair on it so you could look at the sunset. Very pretty.

Finally my backyard fountain. That glowy stuff on the top is glowstone, which is relatively hard to come by. Seeing as it is found in an ALTERNATE DIMENSION! Mwahahahaha...

hope you enjoyed!

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