Tuesday, May 17, 2011

creeper fight :O (and fanfic 2)

The beast heard the newcomer walk into his cave. This got the beast angry; the cave contained the beast’s recent kills and catches. While it’s was out at night scrounging around for beached fish, the beast had seen the newcomer walk out of the cave, and, with a mutter, walk back in. this got the beast angry. Why does it pay so much attention to my cave? Thought the beast, as it hobbled over to the entrance. Does it want to steal my food? This thought got the beast incredibly angry, and it dove into the cave to protect its precious food. As it passed by an ancient vein of coal, it saw the newcomer strike the pile of coal with a digging tool. The beast slowly crept up behind the invader, raising its head to bite a vital spot behind its neck, but: the newcomer spun. And the beast saw the invaders eyes widen with fear.


Steve screamed at the top of his lungs, and despite being in this situation was suddenly intensely embarrassed for screaming so loud. He just managed to drop to his knees and roll as the beast’s mouth darted forward and took a huge bite of coal ore from the cavern wall. The creature attacking him was a good 2 meters tall, with reptilian skin and four stubby legs. It walked upright, but had no arms. A dense gray cloud of smoke followed it around. The creature let out an almost inaudible hissing sound, the darted, cobra quick, towards Steve again. Steve remembered the defense stick in his pack, but he couldn’t reach it in time. Then to his surprise, it popped into his hand. That was all he needed. He thrust the stick right into the barreling creature’s mouth with a roar, then pulled it out and circled the wounded beast. Thick, green, luminous blood dripped from the stick, splashing onto the dark cavern floor with a sizzling sound. Steve charged the beast again, ready to thrust his stick into the creature’s heart for the final blow. But as he charged closer, he saw smoke oozing from the creatures small, toothy mouth, and realized that this attack was a total mistake. Steve saw the creature’s bone structure as it glowed bright green, and with a final guttural hiss, exploded into a million fragments of bone, hardened skin, and green fire. Steve was hurled back through the caverns mouth, flipping end over end as green fire burned his clothes and scorched his skin. He landed painfully against a tree trunk, just as he saw the sun rising off in the east and tiny puffballs of fire dotting the landscape. Fire? Steve thought as he slipped of into darkness.


When Steve woke up again, he had an incredible hunger in the pit of his stomach. Strange. Thought Steve as he rolled over onto his back. I haven’t been hungry at all since I arrived at this island, but why now? He slowly got up, thinking about what to eat. He remembered arriving on this island and seeing puffy white sheep dotting the landscape. He also remembered seeing pigs roaming around, splashing into ponds and eating grass. Those would make a delicious meal Thought Steve as he climbed a hill looking over the grassy plains that held sheep and pigs. But while he was looking out over the field, he didn’t sense the presence creeping up behind him. The mystery creature slowly opened its mouth and: MOO! Steve crapped in his pants as he leapt off the cliff, figuring that it would be safer that way. As he fell, he saw an innocent brown face looking down at him and mooing. Then all he saw was blackness as he hit the cold, hard ground.